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Thread: Maybe a Staffy?

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    Furthermore, to get this thread back on track re what it was originally about, my advie to you Boxerini should you consider looking for a dog to offer you personal protection - think twice.

    You are just a teenager, and that is maybe not somewhere you need to be going at this point.

    Most dogs will protect their owner in some way or form. Even dogs who would lick strangers to death will often at least bark and give a warning that someone is there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleasanta View Post
    I have heard the bit too about NOT putting up a "dog on property will eat you if you enter" sign, because IF someone enters your property and they ARE have advertised you had a "dangerous dog"...........
    To be blunt it's not just ...

    Yes there are clauses there, you invalidate them by advertising that your dog is dangerous...

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    IMHO Boxerini as DA stated above it is probably not something you should be looking at for quite some time yet. Remember that Staffys like all dogs rely on you ENTIRELY and unfortunately when you move out of home and make drastic changes throughout your life this can have a MASSIVE effect on a dog. IMHO my dog welfare comes before my own in MOST but not all cases. But hey if you start researching now about the breeds you are interested in then you may have a definite conclusion by the time you are truly ready to get another dog.

    Personally I found with Tyson (my ex's SBT X) and also my mums purebred SBT, Mini, that they were not good guard dogs in the respect of protecting your home and property. My mums fav saying used to be......"Mini will meet the burglar at the door, show them where all the goodies are hidden and then for an extra pat or treat she will help load it in their car" LMFAO! But hey it was soooooo true!

    However I found with Tyson that if someone tried to harm me/family members or posed a threat to us he would be right there waiting to protect us if needed

    Also as unfortunate as it is I would advise you to research BSL. Although it is not upon the SBT yet, due to the media etc it seems that BSL is getting closer and closer to destroying such a wonderful breed.

    I just think that the Staffy is a wonderful and amazing breed however they are NOT FORR EVERYONE!

    Best of luck in your research!

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    Myself, I have come to believe that I would not be able to handle a dog that *I believe* is bred for protection, like a friend of mine, Sasha's,Rottweiler. Sashs parents bought this dog because he was big and would deter people. Deter he effing does alright. Last year, I went to her house for her birthday, and I ended up staying the night, because this damn dog would not let me leave the house as soon as it turned dark. We went for a walk out side to lock the gate, and Raechel was already outside, wrestling with this big black shadow. at first i didnt even recognise Raech. There was a big black raging mass trying to get at me. I thought Raechel was having a go with a burglar,until Sasha told me to quickly get inside. I dont want a dog like that. as soon as I shut the door, Cody went flying in to it. They had to get a new door, I *think*. I want a dog that will bark and stuff, perhaps run at people from the *other side of the fence*, but NOT do what Cody did. I wouldnt be able to handle a dog like that. I want a big dog, just because I love big dogs, But Sashas parents bought him just because they wanted a dog to attack people who went outside at night. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN for me. I just want something to bark a very loud, deep bark. Staffys dont get very big, do they? like only just above the knee? I want a dog bigger than that. Maybe a Wei?

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