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Thread: Suggestions for a Stud Name

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    Quote Originally Posted by Di_dee1 View Post
    I feel though it can not be guaranteed in any dog that exemplary temperament will result as they too, like humans are subject to their own emotions. I feel it can only be striven for.
    sure...but breeding from dogs that are aggressive...fearful...nervous...anxious etc will have a MUCH bigger chance of passing on undesirable traits than dogs with even temperament!

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    Temperament and type are a package.

    One without the other is no good. If breeders chose temperament only then quality would be the looser and the same the other way around.

    I think on a whole puppies are like a blank canvas. From about 3 weeks of age it is everyones job to do the best they can. That also includes the new owners continuing on the job and transferring the puppy into it's new home.

    Today I received an enquiry. "So while they settle in and are missing their brothers and sisters puppy will need lots of attention." My answer, "Yes and No". After a long conversation I think he got the message of the appropriate times to give affection and when not to.

    If the mother is skittish & the other dogs in the kennel are skittish then IMO the puppies will feed off this.

    I've taken puppies from breeders where the dogs got little interaction with household items etc and it's never been a problem. But the mother was away from them as well so when the puppy first experienced the vacuum they took their cue from me, our family and our family dogs.

    Hope I'm making sense. Everyone harps on temperament, but if you've got great temperament and the dog isn't sound you are going to be equally disappointed when the dog is put down due to health problems.

    New owners need to take some responsibility for the temperament of their puppies as well & continue on the work.

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