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Thread: OMG Mya Escaped!!

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    Mya (and I) had a good night's sleep after yesterday's excitement.

    Took them both on a long walk this morning as it has finally stopped raining and she walks lovely (better than Jenna actually).

    The farmer was ok about it, after OH helped him catch one of his cows that had broken through the barbed wire trying to get away from Mya. He says he is always having stray dogs and there is one in particular who keeps escaping and chasing his cows. He has taken it back 3 times. He did say, next time he won't bother and will just shoot it but I think that is because the owner of the dog doesn't seem to care at all. We were soooo apologetic so I guess it makes a difference if people can see you are genuinely sorry. It was interesting watching Mya, though, I don't think she was being aggressive with the cows, it looked alot like she was trying to herd them.

    It won't be happening again anyway.

    I did pm her foster carer last night and she was lovely about it, very understanding just as you said DA.

    Thanks for all the kind messages. I'm hoping for a quiet day today
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    Escapes by dogs are good for one thing: proving that your heart is strong - LOL.

    Probably many of us can relate to your feelings, teekay: how do I tell the rescuer?

    I've had a few foster dogs take to the road (luckily I live in a very quiet area) which is a loop road so if they kept running they'd end up back out the front again. That is no consolation, however.

    One of them (Caramel about whom I've posted on DOL) has even gone through the cat flap a couple of times and that is in a window in my bedroom and at shoulder level.

    I have been lulled into a false sense of security by my own dogs, but I am now alert to every possibility.

    As others have told you, Mya isn't trying to run away from you. I think rescue dogs take time to realise they are safe and they are in a permanent home where they are loved and cared for. Some very little time, some take a long time - and everything in between.

    Give her (and yourself) time.

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    Glad she's safe at home again.

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