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    Hello everyone,

    Its been a while since I have posted on hear...must mean my two little monkey's have been behaving themselves

    Well I just need to vent....its been one of those mornings. Off to the off lead park this morning at 6.15am - only just getting light, we come across a big brown dog (well it was dark!) any way, the damn thing starts chasing Ollie, not playfully either, so poor Ollie starts squealing, it was just awful, finally the silly woman calls her dog, but by that time Ollie is so scared he does a massive runny poo then and there!

    Anyway after that any dog we came upon the two of them were really tense so on the lead they went. That was all ok until we got home, went into the dining room and found a poo on the carpet Yes evidently one of the little darlings could be fagged going out side. Anyway, I have done everything the dog trainer told me to do when this happens and still it happens. I am starting to think its just lazyness! So I decided to adopt the strategy of wise old friend who told me to ask in my loudest crankiest voice 'who did this', she reckons you will know by the one that skulks away....sure enough, Ollie skulked away. Well they were both banished to outdoors whilst I cleaned it up, both sat on the mat waiting to be allowed in....looking like little angels....

    Hey - I know most of you wont agree with this strategy...but hey it made me feel better and no one was hurt

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    Hey, if it works it works!

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    No it doesn't really work, dogs don't feel guilt they just react to your body language.

    Provided you don't always do this so that they skulk off to do their business out of your sight no harm done.

    I find the best thing for toilet training is limiting the space the dog is given. I know it's a hassle building doggy gates etc but with repeat offenders its sometimes the only way.

    This mornings fright probably didn't help either.

    I wish you all the best, some little darlings just take longer to get the message than others.

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