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Thread: Changing Breeds.

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    alot of the time we can be biased but when you meet a dog you just love them... its weird , i wouldn't particularly choose a kelpie or dalmatian but boss owns them and i would love to adopt them if anything happened..God forbid

    just today, few hours ago at work i was playing with dingle - dalmatian- and i love him, hes big and different to anything we have owned .. hes just .. cool! i love working with them

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    Mines BSL, I won't put another dog through that bull**** crapola of state sanctioned restrictions again.

    Although truth be told I really should have not bothered following the requirements at all. Never had a compliance check done, nothing.

    But I tell you my stress levels well down.
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    My parents have always liked larger dogs so have been around them since a baby.

    Dad had a mutt/mongrol/bullish looking dog that used to be with him 24/7 (in his hayday he played for newcastle city, carlton reserve and a club in Tasmania, his british bulldog and the mutt were somewhat of mascots draped in the jerseys/scarfs/hats, his mutt used to help gaurd the pubs and even take the banking money in his mouth to the bank -with dad beside him it was a smallish town Deniliquin) So always I guess I inherited my love for a certain look. They passed on before I was too old and my parents got a pure Boxers.

    My grandmother had welsh corgi while we were growing up aswell so have a soft spot for them too..aww Lucy I miss you

    Then as a teenager my mother got a German Shep and I loved her but didn't like her amount of shedding.

    So I guess what drew me towards my Xbreeds I have at the moment is they look familiar in a weird way...iykwim.

    Also since having small children I did look around a bit on breeds and english mastiff seemed to have great reviews for a larger dog with kids. I hope that by the time we buy a house (next few years) we can get a pure English mastiff.

    Sorry for the post going this way and that way but Im in a chatty mood

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