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Thread: Dog Shows Today

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    I know...hubby is a bit more iffy about this! I have told him...if we do NOT want to use her for breeding, then there is NO point in keeping her entire...PERIOD! I am sure however her "snappiness" has some thing to do with her phantom and her hormones raging, but I can't afford to have this happen almost twice a year...and for it to become an ingrown behaviour.

    I know I don't have to justify my decision, but still feel somehow that I have to justify to my sweet girl.
    Unfortunately desexing doesn't always change behavior, especially when they are older.
    My female was 1 year old when she way spayed and she is a, for lack of a better word... bitch.
    She is not really aggressive but she does growl at my younger boy as a warning if she has a toy or a bone. I'm just lucky my boy is so forgiving, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body!
    When we go to the park around other dogs she is as sweet as pie, even with toys, it's just at home

    I don't care what anyone says, spaying is the responsible thing to do, even if it doesn't alter their behavior it has a lot of health benefits.

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    Sorry, somehow I missed the thread too.

    Seems always that the "right" decision is the "tough" one to make. Don;t have any regrets, it is just the way things are. If you harbour any disappointment, it is only the flip side of being responsible and considerate, and soon you will see how you have taken the right road.

    Don't say "never again" though... this is just for now. You never know what lies around the corner tomorrow.
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    Oops missed this thread as well.

    Your dog - your choice, not ifs, buts or maybes needed.

    My boy is flat in the ring, but likes all the other dogs etc. If he snapped at other dogs and I had to worry about that then he wouldn't go either.

    Which would mean the next step would be to get the snip - simple.

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