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Thread: Dog and Neighbours

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    Every now and then, my lab would bark continuously at 'something' at like 4am in the morning.
    My neighbour at the back was the only one that complained, but I think the other neighbours dealt with it by throwing mandarins at my dogs because there would always be 1 or 2 of them on our back patio area.

    Then one day, he just stopped.

    My post doesn't really help you any, just wanted to share my story so you know your not alone
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    We have 2 barkers and 1 that encourages the other two.

    We have 1 inside during the day and we stop home in our lunch breaks to let him out, the other gets a citronella bark collar. The 'encourager' we are still working on, so far we are walking her and discouraging any behavior when we are home.

    I hope you find a solution.

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    Wow thank you so much guys for all your posts! This forum is really nice!!

    The pack is kind of weird - like I think our other dogs realise that my family and I are the pack leader but Bonnie ( Spitz ) doesn't.

    When we had the dog behaviourlist over she said that Bonnie let the Rhodesian Ridgeback (Lucy) think she's in control but is really in control.

    We also have an encourager too!! The Pomeranian (Milo) encourages barking a lot of the time.

    She definitely doesn't bark anywhere near more than 6 minutes every hour. I'm home quite a lot and she never really barks - at max maybe 1 minute every 6 hours or so but when someone like the neighbour is out in the backyard mowing their lawn.. everyday... at 8am she barks.

    I think she's very much a bark at intruder dog - a guy comes and does the pool every now and then and she doesn't like that and barks non stop and she can usually hear if someone is walking into our property to knock on the door and she barks at that but that's it really - I'm worried that if the council does become involved that if they are sitting outside our lawn she'd bark simply because she's hearing them on our lawn.

    Thanks for everyone's tips - you've all been so helpful! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!! Will try everything

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