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Thread: Neighbours New Dog

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    Smile Neighbours New Dog

    I am very excited.... my neighbours just got a new dog, he is a brindle staffy, his name is Bruiser, they got him from a breeder although he is almost 3 yrs old.

    He was returned to the breeder when his owner was moving overseas, they had their name down for a pup but when they went to look at the latest litter, they fell in love with him and i can understand why. he is beautiful, very friendly and he already has great training.

    the people next door used to come over for dog cuddles with pepsi after their dog had to be pts just after christmas, their last dog was a pug who lived to be 18 human years old, he was old and was having trouble getting around, he was blind and almost deaf, so while their kids were home they all said good bye then they took him to the vet. He is buried in a communal garden at the end of our street!

    When i get a chance i will see if i can get a pic!

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    That's great!

    They sound like fantastic owners. They must be so happy again.
    And so must you be, a playmate for Pepsi!

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    Sounds like fun!

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