I trust Frosty with my brother's kids but I don't trust his kids with her. They from time to time, lash out, poke, hit and ram into their own dog, who gets up and leaves. But I'd rather Frosty didn't get beaten up by small children. They also squeal when she tries to lick them (sigh). And they run around shrieking. So far Frosty has been very good, but I'm not sure she wouldn't forget they were children and not puppies. Especially if they play rough with her, she will play rough with them. She matches each dog she meets - if it plays rough, she does, if it is gentle or no touching, she does that too.

If I have to get up and go to the toilet, she comes with me, whether I want her to or not.

I think my brother is a lot more relaxed about it than I am. He's prepared to take the risk and so far so good. And it's probably good if kids do hurt themselves if they're silly (ignore what their parents tell them to do) - from time to time. I am just completely paranoid about it and understand now how my sister managed to raise a velcro baby (she couldn't even hand it to her mum without the kid screaming its head off).