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Thread: Potentially Disastrous Mistake

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    I had a discussion with each doctor each time I had knee surgery about which knee. I might have been in trouble if I'd confused left with right but I had taken the precaution of scribbling stuff like WRONG LEG on the one I wanted left alone. And some pointers - well out of cutting range - which the second surgeon actually added to - on the leg I did want fixed up.

    The first surgeon thought the idea of operating on the wrong leg was outrageous. The second surgeon was more pragmatic. Although they thought my stick diagrams were funny and suggested that they might be considered face down, which I said well there's all the other stuff.

    I've heard of all sorts of horrific mistakes in hospitals - especially in emergency - they are under staffed and overworked. And while having 3 days of 24 hour shifts gets residents in a position to learn new stuff very fast, it also put them in the fatigued and make mistakes like a really drunk person zone too.

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    Each time I have had a procedure done, during the pre-op, my leg has been marked with a big black plus sign.

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