I hear some things about dogs, and shake my head and think now WHERE did that person hear/learn that?

I know we're all different, but some things just astound me.
I am still a little upset (and concerned maybe) about the rescuer with the Newfoundland, and her views about a dog in a "begging'" position.
Inca is still doing this on a daily basis - she runs up to you all excited, sits back on her hind legs, and puts her paws in the air. Her tongue is hanging out all over the place trying to get a lick in, and of course whilst she is doing this her tail is thumping madly all over the ground. To me and my family, her body language clearly appears to be in a mode of excited ecstacy!!!

I'm just really stumped trying to figure out how someone can actually be taught and believe that this behaviour means the dog is seriously stressed out.

How do others feel about some of the things they come across from so-called "qualified behavioural experts?"