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Thread: Dog's on Heat?

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    Default Dog's on Heat?

    Ok so if you read my other thread you will know I know very little about dogs as I've never owned one till 6 months ago. My partner has also only had male dogs. Now I was just thinkingabout something the vet said to me when she was a puppy that I should have her desexed otherwise I am going to have every dog in the neighbourhood trying to get in. DP doesn't think it will be that bad and as we have a high fence thinks no dogs can get in. Should I trust him because by my calculations she is about 7 months and I'm getting pretty nervous because the vet said she will go on heat at 8 months. Should I take her to be desexed is it really as bad as the vet is making out or should I trust my partner. I am really nervous because like I siad in my other thread I know little about owning a dog through experience.

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    The vet was not telling you porkies.
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    Desex. You'd be amazed what Houdini's dogs can be to get to a bitch on heat. Plus, desexing reduces the risk of multiple health issues.

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    It's primal, a dog will do what ever it takes.

    What sort of fencing do you have? any gaps?
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    I sincerely hope you get your little one desexed...Think, she's a weeny little pug, what happens if she's impregnated by a much larger dog? She could have some serious serious issues.

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    Have I got time is it too late is he right about the 8 months. Will she be really sick afterwards? Will it hurt her alot?

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    Do you want to have to clean up blood on top of everything else you are doing? It's messy when they are in season.

    You can't breed her because it would be very unethical not being a registered breeder, so there is no reason for her to not be desexed. Do it asap. Once she starts a bleed you have to wait weeks before she can be done and it's too risky.

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    If I lock her in the house will it be ok? Or will they try and get in if we are just playing outside?

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    Book her in as soon as possible.

    Your vet is not being overly dramatic. Only honest, and more importantly, responsible.

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