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Thread: Dog's on Heat?

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    they should give instruction manuals with our dogs.

    Don't be hard on yourself you're not an idiot, you are finding out information and doing something useful with it. That's more than what can be said for the majority of the population.

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    Can I ask aswell should the breeder have told us this stuff?

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    Thanks puggerup I still feel stupid because well I wouldn't not read anything about raising children and I also wouldn't trust my DP's advice on raising children so I don't know why I didn't this. Oh well at least though I know now and I can fix it.

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    Have you approached your breeder with your concerns?
    Are they approachable I should ask first I guess
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    We just bought the dog off them and well we thought that they told us everything. The rest of what I knew was from what the vet was telling me.

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    where do you live? theres some really good prices at animal hospitals for desexing. alot cheaper than some vets.

    If she comes into heat dont freak out, you can still get her desexed without having to go through it, it just means the vet will put her on extra IV fluids.
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    Try the RSPCA in Fairfield (they have a vet surgery there) or the AWL (Animal Welfare League - don't know if they are close enough to you).

    I agree with everyone else, desex ASAP. Dogs will get into your yard - doesn't matter how high your fences are. I've heard of dogs breaking through fences to get to a bitch on heat. It won't be just little dogs coming either, it will be nearly every entire male in your area!

    If you let us know which suburb you live in I'm sure we can recommend a vet.

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    If you are worried about the cost why don't you ring the vet and ask. You could also contact the National Desexing Network and speak to them as they will help with the cost of desexing if you qualify.

    It will be dearer financially to allow her to have pups than to desex her. There is no need for pets to be undesexed!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pug_life View Post
    Ok so if you read my other thread you will know I know very little about dogs as I've never owned one till 6 months ago. My partner has also only had male dogs. Now I was just thinkingabout something the vet said to me when she was a puppy that I should have her desexed otherwise I am going to have every dog in the neighbourhood trying to get in. DP doesn't think it will be that bad and as we have a high fence thinks no dogs can get in. Should I trust him because by my calculations she is about 7 months and I'm getting pretty nervous because the vet said she will go on heat at 8 months. Should I take her to be desexed is it really as bad as the vet is making out or should I trust my partner. I am really nervous because like I siad in my other thread I know little about owning a dog through experience.

    You will be surprised what male dogs can do to get to a bitch in heat...but also what your bitch can do get to a male dog.

    They might crash through plated glass to get out (and injure themselves)...swim over a river...ultimately, they will try and do anything! And yes...they will probably also try and jump your fences...tall or not! A male dog can smell your bitch in heat MILES away!

    And trust do not want her pregant at 8 is unsafe and unethical...firstly her being so young and secondly...she is not breeding marterial

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    I've never had any problems keeping entire females and it is really beyond me how people end up with unwanted litters. But then I do know what I am looking for and I do have good fences.

    But since you are a first time dog owner I recommend you take the advice of your vet and others here and make your life easier and have your bitch desexed before she comes in season.

    Bitches in season are messy, you won't want her in the house leaving blood on your carpet and furnishings etc. Some people do not even like the look of their bitch after they have had a season as some bitches do not "tuck' back as neat and tidy when it's finished.

    A young bitch recovers from the surgery as though nothing happened, the more seasons they have the bigger the op, the slower the recovery in a lot of instances.

    I've never had males roaming around the outside of my fences wanting to come in but then I can pick the early warning signs and know when they are close and do not walk them, I don't want to leave a trail back to my house.

    Hence your bitch goes a little stir crazy for a approximately 3 wks and gets a bit destructive and naughty etc.

    If I wasn't a registered breeder I would be desexing MY dogs/bitches around 9 mths old. But this depends of the breed of course.

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