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Thread: Not Long Now TKay!!!

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    Oh goodie, goodie *claps hands together*.... an ETA. As an Arian, I'm going to plan my very careful watch on this thread at around 11 am on Friday morning.

    Don't worry about the "F" wits who are going to give you a hard time Tkay.

    I've copped heaps from the GSD "purists" since Spirit stole my heart & came to live with me. When they ask me why I paid "good money" for that "fault" .... that should have been "drowned in a bucket of water in the whelping pen" .... ....

    I always reply with "I fell in love with Spirit ... the pup ... from the moment I saw her being born on the Internet. It didn't matter a fig to me what colour fur she had. I love Spirit & she's enriched my life beyond anything I could have thought possible between a dog & their owner."

    I hope Miss Mya gives you as much joy, happiness & love that my Spirit has brought to me. My intuition says Jenna will be just fine with Mya.

    Wishing you all the very best for integrating Mya into your family. This has been a pretty long "project" for you. I'm pretty chuffed that the next part of your "journey" will start when the wee thing arrives in Brissie on Friday.

    Much love

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    Just so you're not left hanging here GSD (and any others following ours and Mya's progress), I live at least an hour from the airport and will be going to the local park first for the doggie introductions and then a bit of a walk before we get home. I'll be on here with photos as soon as I can but prob not til after lunch
    The best things in life, aren't things

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    Enjoy. I wish you all the best for the 'big introduction' TKay.

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    Thanks for the "heads up" Tkay. You've got a lot of love & support for this little girl on this forum. Just post when you're ready Lovey ... we'll all be here, ready to hear about your news.

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