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Thread: If There Could Only Be One Breed of Dog...

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    I have to say...The Rottweiler does have a special place in my heart

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    SBT for me followed by GS and Blue Cattle Dog

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    I've often wondered how it would be if PB's were the only breed. I guess they would be seen in a different light and more respected by the general population.

    If there was one breed I would choose it would be a Cavalier... (sorry pugs).

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    Blue heeler.

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    German Shepards or Samoyds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne View Post
    Out of curiosity - why?
    Because of the health problems.. they have less.. what breeders have done to the pugs makes me sick
    Cavaliers have their problems also, but breeders are breeding heart problems out, pug breeders on the other hand like to breed pugs with slits for nostrils with big folds on the face.. and their thick coats, I'm surprised they live past 3.

    I also like that Cavaliers are quieter, so would suit an elderly couple or babies and they can also be active so would suit a family who likes to take their dog for a run and play. They are also lap dogs, non aggressive but will bark to let you know when someone is entering the property.

    Pugs will entertain you and make you laugh all day with their characters and snorting and snuffling but they aren't for everyone...oh and the shedding my tiles are now carpet I love pugs dearly, but not their poor little bodies.

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    Whippets, whippets and more whippets - because they would suit the majority of people, but mostly me.

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    They are similar, but Ollie clowns around heaps more and plays with the kids.. what ever they are doing, Olllie joins
    Miley will he happy to lay in her crate all day and watch.

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    A staghound, because if the day ever came that they say could be only one breed in the world, I would remove myself from it, and rather live like a caveman than in that society and I would need that dog to help catch my meat.

    And they are good for everthing.
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    But I would go my Dogo.
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