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Thread: What Breed is My Puppy?

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    Too young to tell , as for colours yep amstaffs come in those tri points.

    keep the breeders contact details handy.
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    Maybe this is a better photo .....
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    Bryan it's a cute pup. I still say it's a xbred dog. Like Beau says,
    maybe as the pup gets older it may be more obvious.

    Did you see the parents?

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    I'm sorry Bryan....

    .......But your dog is absolutley GORGEOUS!!!!

    I just melted when I saw that pic
    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face

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    so so beautiful pup, looks similar to my Lilly (mastiff cross bull arab)

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    Very cute pup, I'm guessing you didn't see mum at all, when I first saw the two pics with all the pups they look like they could be amstaff those markings are certainly possible... its so hard to tell at this age what you may have as an adult... The pup on the table could also pass as a stafford... but only if you saw that pic on its own... over the years I've seen many people come to obedience with their dog they brought as 'such an such' and so many times they are way wrong and they end up with a totally different breed to what they anticipated on... It's the risk you take not buying from a reputable registered breeder, your pup looks healthy thats the main thing, don't spend to much time stressing on what he/she is.... what will be will be... I def would not be DNA testing to find out thou...

    I helped whelp a litter of little fluffy's once and was so surprised to see that at day one, the little fluffy's looked exactly the same as my pure breed staffords...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rebec View Post
    so so beautiful pup, looks similar to my Lilly (mastiff cross bull arab)
    AWWW .... look at that face ...

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