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Thread: Looking for a Labbe (Labrador/Beagle Cross)

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    Default Looking for a Labbe (Labrador/Beagle Cross)

    HI, I don't want to offend any pure breeders but a pure bred Lab would just be to big for my apartment and I want to be fair on my puppy. So. now I've heard about the Labrador/Beagle cross called LABBE. Could anyone give me some info about this mix and does anyone know about breeders in Australia?
    Many Thanks!!!

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    So look at getting a beagle if a labrador is to big. Or look at getting another type of dog. Sensitive subject for me at the moment so please do not continue looking here for a purposely bred cross breed.

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    My advice is simply go and look at your nearest pound or shelter. There you will get a dog or puppy with all of it's vet work done and cheaper than the designer dog mix that you are looking for - you would probably be able to find one of those there too!

    Good luck, and I can guarantee that you won't find anyone breeding crosses on purpose here!

    There's no guaranteed information that you can be given about any mix breed dog (I have a rescue puppy and I foster dogs as well). There are far too many variables that can occur which means you and the 'breeder' will have no idea about what you are getting, if they try to guarantee you anything about it they are lying. Please have a read through the threads about BYB or Back Yard Breeding and Puppy Mills here and you will understand the issues many of us will have with what you are asking about.

    By the way to the forum and good luck on the search for your new pet.

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    I agree with AGB, try a pound or local rescue that may have beagle or lab crosses. If you insist on finding a person who breeds these crosses in the paper or online or something of the sort, at least make sure that both parents have been health tested (including genetic diseases common for both dogs, not just the 10 minute vet check) and that you can meet the parents (and that the "breeder" isn't from a puppy mill)

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    My advice - unless you have heaps of time to spare every day DON'T DO IT!

    I am currently boarding a lab x beagle, he's 2 years old. Truly lovely boy, but omg the energy level is astounding! He NEVER stops!!!!! He has 3 acres to run around on here, and he's worn out all the other dogs here. He has a lovely nature, gets on well with all the other dogs, but will pinch anything he thinks is fair game and use it with a toy - so far casualties are 2 tupperware containers, 1 tea towel and my favourite comb!

    Having said that, he does live in an apartment, but the wife works from home, and she told me he gets at least a couple of hours exercise a day! His owners have worked very very hard to make sure he is well adjusted and can handle apartment living, he is a credit to their hard work - and realistically not everyone CAN put in the time that they have.

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    No such thing as a Labbe. Just some weird name someone concocted. Go to a rescue shelter or organisation. If nothing there appeals to you, contact some repeutable breeders of breeds that suit your needs.

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    I suggest Beagle Rescue in which ever state you are in. Chances are they can fit your bill, but must agree with GAG, Beagle X Lab will be about 20 handfulls!!

    What about a LOVELY lab X Shar Pei???? He is blue, about 18 months old and TRAINED!!!!
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