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Thread: MDBA Awards

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    I shouldn't laugh Ruthless, but what you wrote just made me giggle.

    So your award can be attributed to "stuff". I love it !!!

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    I was there, presented two awards to two very deserving recipients and, as last year, had a ball. Will definitely be there in Melbourne next year.

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    Congratulations to all the winners ,hope you had a wonderful night .

    And welcome aboard the Forum Trisven
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Thanks Choppa! Nice to see you hear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occy View Post
    No, I just won't judge someone either way based on the fact that they won or are nominated. It's a friendship club and until it is independent and viable outside the realms of a website and a few cronies IMO it is worth little
    I, too, would appreciate if you didn't insult me by assuming that my winning was a case of connections or favorites. I am not a member of DOL, have openly criticized DOL on this very forum before, and do not know anyone in the MDBA orgnaization (I've only been contacted by one organizer just to let me know that I've been nominated). I'm not asking you to respect me based on the fact that I won or didn't win, nor do I really care if you respect me or not as I don't actually know you well enough, but before suggesting that people only won due to their friendships or favoritism, please check whether your statements are actually accurate. It's a simple case of doing your research before belitteling other people's accomplishments.

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