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Thread: Kelpies Working Dog Vs Show Dog

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevin2010 View Post
    thanks for your reply...
    i never knew kelpie could be like that, regarding calm and energetic when needed.

    you did say well bred, so its more about their bloodline rather then how they are trained???

    I am still keen on getting a kelpie, but now its just a matter of i guess finding one. ive been looking at shelters as i would like to give a chance to a dog that in a pound. ive been checking
    It is about how they are bred and also how they are trained. The best sheepdogs often are the ones that are calm and they can be deliberately bred for. However they are a dog that require training and plenty of attention and exercise but they dont need to be manic all the time. Good luck with your search for one.

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    A lot of it can be how you manage the dog too. Ie if the dog comes to you to start something eg brings a toy, do you engage or not? Who is in charge of starting and ending play and training sessions?

    The kelpie heeler x that I used to know - would put the soggy tennis ball in your lap in an attempt to get you to throw it. She learned "cant reach" as in "I can't reach the ball to throw it again" very quickly. Where as my current dog isn't much into retreive or figuring things out for herself - so she just stands there with the ball at her feet and wont bring it closer unless I go inside the house and she still wants a game. And then she tries it on, and I make her go on her bed.

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    thanks for the tips...and support

    i guess its up to what kind of information i find regarding training dogs.
    i was just over my friends place today and he has a 5month old labradoodle who was nipping at my shirt and shorts.

    my friend said its just cause hes young, i hope its not like that all the time...
    anyways....thanks heaps

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