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Thread: To All You SBT Lovers...enjoy

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    mydog, tell 'em to go jump if they don't have anything nice to say! Did they ever say anything about Tigga? GSD's also get a hard time with public perception, no where near as bad as the bull breeds though.

    ANY dog is capable of doing wrong no matter what the size, but responsible owners will make sure their dogs are happy, healthy, socialised and trained (at least in the basics) - I'm so sick of people tarring every dog with the same brush that has been originally tarred by the media!

    Asher sounds like a lovely dog with a beautiful temperament. I'm sorry to say but those naysayers around you have an attitude bred from ignorance, maybe Asher can be a way to educate them, or at the very least to be more open-minded.

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    Thankyou very much greys, for your thumbs up. Yes I did receive the same attitude about Tigga, especially when out walking and he happened to bark at someone else's dog who was not on a lead. Those ppl are always ready to blame "alsations" (I hate that word) and the BTs for starting conflicts.
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