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Thread: Adding Another Human to Our Family - Any Tips?

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    I had a very fiercely loyal, possessive australian Terrier to introduce my first baby to on return from the hospital nearly 30 years ago. I was worried about his jealousy.
    The very first thing I did on arrival home was introduce bub to dog, allowing him to lick the crown of his head.

    Sigghhh, that dog changed allegiances so fast to the bub that my head spun. Bub made a whimper and the dog told me.

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    Hey! I am so so pleased that you are organised!! I am a vet nurse and we have too many young, healthy dogs being euthanased because they are not reacting well to the new addition as a result of no training beforehand. It breaks my heart every time.
    There is a sound therapy CD called Sounds Soothing from the Sounds Scary range. It includes a range of baby noises and also hints and tips.
    It would also be an idea to take yourself away from your dog at various points in the day to prepare them for when your attention is on your baby.

    I hope all goes well for you

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