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Thread: My Mates Puppy Chub

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    Boss get on with dogs.
    This is what made me think it was Chub that needed some practice.

    But Boss's behaviour is less than ideal too. Frosty wouldn't do what either of them did.

    And I wouldn't leave Boss alone with children or small dogs or puppies based on what has been said so far. Not sure about the other dog Turbo.

    It does seem a little like the things you read in the paper "my dog gets along with everybody - he's never done anything like this before"...

    But that would apply to both dogs.

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    hey al im the OH for peta.

    boss is a very confident dog.

    like all dogs loves to explore and get dirty and play with other dogs.
    i wouldnt leave him with children he doesnt know unsupervised as this could happen if a child started squeeling.

    not that he ever has a reason to be near young children.

    it seems that as soon as i hold boss "chubb" starts barking at him so i have had him on the lead and let him go about a foot then chubb has squeeled and run to his owner again who baby's him and IMO makes this seem like socially accecpable behaviour.
    the distance between them even when ilet boss walk about a foot was still 3-4 foot

    its easier to just let him play with turbo in the yard and leave the sook dog inside. my mate doesnt like it for this fact. but his mrs is madly in love with it.

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