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Thread: Breed Recomendations Please

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    Quote Originally Posted by equerry View Post
    In all the years I have had dogs, cats and horses, all of our dogs we have got as young pups and they have all socialised well with each other, but the two Aussies were nearly six months old and although they came from a breeder thats has many cats, the dogs were kenneled and I am sure the cats used to tease them from behind the fence.

    Only one of my Aussies is a problem, but we have managed to keep it under control, got a bit out of control when the second JRT arrived as again she was older when we got her, and I think the dogs formed a pack.

    Hence why now I want a more inside type, still something that can go into the fenced backyard area and play with the other dogs and cope coming out to help feed horses etc... but less of a chases type than the JRT's.

    Corgi's are just devine but a bit bigger than what we are looking for, we would buy another blue heeler in an instant but we do want something smaller, and it would be my daughters dog (I want a german shepherd but that is out of the question until we lose the other big dogs and hopefully thats years away yet).

    Problem is I am not into fluffy dogs, like maltese or cavs etc... which is why I like terriers I suppose.

    Pugs keep coming up (I love french bull dogs, but cannot afford one, and griffens and boston terriers) as I have heard they are really loyal, playful and easy to manage, if we were staying QLD probably wouldn't consider one due to the fact I have heard they suffer in the heat, but with moving to NZ??

    Tenterfield terriers look lovely but don't they have the same characteristics as a JRT?

    Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming if you think of anything.

    Have you considered a Shar Pei? Med size (knee height) great dogs, dominant breed, needs a strong consistant master. FANTASTIC individual personalities
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    Sharpeis can have high prey drive as I understand it? Maybe not a great choice with cats and other small animals hanging around (unless it's a puppy, in which case they can certainly be socialised and taught proper manners around other animals/children).

    I would second the Miniature Pinscher as long as you are going to be buying a puppy and not an adult. They have extremely strong personalities and need a LOT of socialisation for them to be well-adjusted adults. If not, they tend to fall on either side of the spectrum - fearful, aggressive to other dogs and people, etc.

    I own two and they are so entertaining! Low maintenance in terms of coat, but they need a lot of exercise and firm discipline. Our two girls have been raised around horses and our other animals (mice, birds, lizards, etc) so they know to behave themselves. On the other hand, my friend owns one who was not taken out much or introduced to new things as a pup; she now has fear-aggression to such a degree that she cannot be taken near children or to parks with other dogs, etc. Min Pins are a wonderful breed but they really do need a pack leader and they're not great for kids as they aren't very robust (even if they think they're 5x their size!) and can tend to snap.

    Just my two cents.

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