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Thread: Fleas

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    well done terrorbull, Fleas are horrible little blighters and they can be tricky to get rid of, i remember as a kid my mum boiling the dogs blankets to kill them....little extreme...yes...but she was pushed to her limit. We went overseas on holiday and a family friend was looking after our dog, when we got home the dog was starving, over half the food we left for the dog was still there, and everything was covered in fleas, including the carpet in the living room!

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    Can you get them a mint plant - it will grow from runners, anywhere that is fairly damp - ie next to a leaky rainwater tank.

    Mint Tea is supposed to repell fleas. I think Lavendar is supposed to help too.

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    Hyacinth what do you do with the mint plants or tea? Mix it through their dinner or will they chew at it like grass?

    Most regrettable thing I have ever done is sell my hydrobath and dryer. It was magic for keeping them rotten fleas under control and keeping my German Shepherd's coat looking a million dollars. I used Nucadol in the rinse tank, and a flea shampoo in the wash tank. The spray hose right into his coat so we washed them out as well as killing what managed not to drown. Reckon I might buy another one, one day, but then again, there is a Self-use dog wash centre in Port Macquarie. Perhaps you could check them out, and suggest them to ppl who seem to have lots of trouble (or endless excuses) for bad flea infestations.
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