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Thread: Fruit and Veg for Dogs

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    Default Fruit and Veg for Dogs

    I follow my breeders advise and feed my Rottie raw meat, veg, rice and pasta at night and premium dry food in the morning. I also add tuna, sardines, yogurt and egg every now and then. Play treats in the yard are apples and carrot to crunch and play with.

    She also loves mango and watermelon. She doesn't like strawberries. Any other ideas???

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    What vegies do you feed?

    You can give sweet potato (no skin), beetroot (fresh), celery, apples yes (NO CORES OR SEEDS), oranges, rockmelon, pears (NO CORES OR SEEDS), bananas (small amounts due to high contents of potassium), mangos (yes good for fibre but don't overdo it),

    You can make a vegie mush (blended) to add to dinner made from:

    Cos lettuce (main ingredient)...NO iceberg lettuce!
    spinach leaves
    apples (no cores and seeds)
    Broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage (small amount and NOT at the same time)

    NO...corn, soy products, beans, peas or stone fruits like peaches etc.

    This "mush" is high in green vegies, which is really good for your dog. You can make a big lot and freeze it in portions...makes it easy (I do it).

    What commercial dog kibble are you feeding your dog? I am hoping and praying you are not going to say Advance or Hills Science Diet! could give offal (liver, brains, kidney etc) once a is really good for them!

    When you give eggs...make sure it is a whole egg!

    Did you know your dog probably doesn't need the rice and pasta if you feed at good mix of raw bones, meats and vegies. The rice and pasta are high GI carbohydrates and can make your dog put on weight. Also...pasta is made from wheat and can cause allergic reactions in your dog...wheat, soy, corn and rice is something your dogs actually doesn't need for a balanced diet

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    from experience, avoid cabbage (ugly ugly wind)!!!

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