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Thread: New Groomer

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    I agree that perhaps simply answering questions could have solved the whole thing.. However, honestly, why should you come back to a forum where you've asked one question in the hopes that some people may have some answers, only to be suspected of a troll because of the TIME you logged on? Why would you come back when nothing seems to be on on offer except suspicion?

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    thankyou for the lovely responses (sticking up for me). i would of answered your questions quicker but i am a seriously busy person atm hence logging on at strange hours like now. but the "warm response" i recieved for asking a genuine question has turned me off a bit. as a new member i highly suggest to think that maybe people do use this site as source for guidence and do not appreciate those types of responses

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    Fluffyknuc, please don't allow responses to turn you 'off.'

    It is sometimes a hard call to discern who is genuine and who is not, particularly at times when a forum is being bombarded with un-genuine ppl. Hope you can understand?

    This is common to many groomers. I used to get it so badly in my arms that it would cause infection. I found that running barrier cream over my arms helped, but just a little bit on the hands, so they weren't too slippery. Found that even helped with conrolling the scissors too! After each groom I'd wash, and the barrier cream would help the hairs to slide off far more easily. I also found scrubbing my arms in the shower with a loofer each day helped.

    Having said that, I've actually seen the dogs get the hairs imbedded in their skin a couple of times. Unbelievable!

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    I am sorry you feel disheartened by visiting the Forum, but sincerely hope you will stick around

    I think most of us havel been a bit "trigger happy" when it comes to accusing people of being trolls. How about we all give people the benefit of the doubt UNTIL it is proven they are definitely trolls, spammers or banned members reincarnated.

    We have been bombarded with obvious trolls and nasty people lately and we were all a "tad" defensive.

    I hope your grooming business is going well

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    Yes it is quite common. It'd a good idea to get in to the habit of exfoliating inside your elbow.

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    I have heard of it - not seen it - some people on DOL were talking about it ages ago
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