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Thread: BSL - Need Some Help?

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    Default BSL - Need Some Help?

    Hi guys,

    I need some help, I can not get my head around the laws and am sick as a dog, but need to get the ball rolling so thought I would ask here.

    I have been in contact with a girl who has had her dog seized.

    So far this is what I know about it:

    Dog got out in storms last week, council say she has to pay $10 000 in fines or have dog PTS as he is chipped as a Pitty Cross.

    Owner told me that ages ago she got a breed ID done, as council asked her to, she then got a letter asking about getting a temp test - this was never done and council never followed it up - Owner forgot all about it (so did council, and this is not like our council at all, so I am not sure if it was an official Breed ID she got done?)

    I just need to know where we stand - if the Breed ID she did get done was the real thing, is there any way she can get out of this?

    If the breed ID was not the real thing, how do I go about getting this poor dog out of the pound and get the ball rolling to get him breed IDed and Temp Test?

    I was involved in this stuff a few years ago, but i have forgotten it all and it is doing my head in trying to sort it out.

    Also - are Pitty X's a restricted breed, or only full breed pittys?

    ETA: We are in NSW
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    How the hell can she owe $10,000 in fines??

    Maybe also post on "The Last" and ask there if there is anybody closer to you that is able to help with this.

    I don't know enough about the NSW "Bull****" Laws to give advice sorry.

    Good luck though.

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    If you go to the DLG website and look under companion animals you will find the protocols.

    From what i read of it and this situation a fine of $1320 would be the maximum, without a PTS. however I dont know jack **** about NSW really. And I am also turning away from the whole thing.

    She should talk to th DLG direct though about it as well as her council, and let them knw about the temperment test thing not being done. And if needs be legal aid.

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    I have PMed Tybrax on facebook - i have also put a note on my facebook page to try to get it all sorted, so I can help this poor girl!

    This is what i have going around in my head, but i have no idea if it is right?

    Ok, I am trying to get my head around here - Anyone who knows anything, I would love your input - this stuff goes in one ear and out the other

    Council sends you Intent To Declare dog a restricted breed
    You get ID - If IDed as a full Pitty - it must follow Restricted breed laws
    If IDed as a cross, it then has to get a Temp Test
    If pass Temp Test - dog is fine
    If Fail, dog is declared a dangerous dog.

    What happens if you get a Intent To Declare letter, get the breed ID - then do not follow through with the Temp Test and the dog then gets picked up?

    The Ranger her is a bully, he tells everyone that they need to pay thousands, or have the dog PTS and will NOT give them their rights. - He has bulled me not knowing I knew who he was - I walked to the RSPCA to drop something in, Ranger was there, asked did I know what sort of dog I had and was I here to surrender it. I said no, he is my dog, and yes, i did know what breed he was - a PAPERED bull terrier.

    Ranger then looked at me and took a step back and said "yes, those Bull Terriers are just like those Pit bulls"

    I told him I agree, that they are both wonderful breeds and it is such a shame some people are too blind sighted to realise how great they are! - He walked off on me!

    I dont know if there is any way i can help this girl, she is in a mess and isnt really sure what is going on.
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    What a terrible situation to be in. But unfortunately due to the nature of BSL if you own any dog that may come under scrutiny, you must ensure they are able to be safely contained and not get picked up by the Rangers.

    Good luck and please let us know how she goes.

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    Can she get a DNA test done? She needs to get a sample from the spit on the inside side of the mouth and send that off. I think there are places that do the tests in NSW and Vic - so you may be able to get it undeclared that way.

    Here, most of the fines are higher for restricted breeds.

    Otherwise - you could ask the Ranger to itemise the list. He may just be looking for a bribe. Also keep a record of things like the Ranger failing to recognise the difference between a Bull Terrier and a Pit Bull. It is a pity it got registered as a pit bull x and they didn't follow up on the temperment test. Can it be done now?

    You might need a lawyer. Sometimes the councils back down if you sick a lawyer on the case because they can't be bothered paying lawyers of their own. It happens a lot with planning cases. There must be a dog loving lawyer handy that will help out.

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    Thanks - I agree, if you own any breed you need to be prepared to keep it safe - sadly I do not thing this girl knew much about the laws, and nothing was ever officially sent to her from council saying it was a restricted breed and needed to be kept as one

    (i know, it still got out - and if i head over there i will be sussing out her fencing! but the storm we had the other night was one of the biggest we have had in a LONG time, so can understand if it freaked out and got out of the yard, where normally it would never have tried to)

    I want to know how late is too late to get the Temp Test done? If they release the dog and we get it done ASAP - would that be good enough? And why didnt council come after her with all that is needed to keep dog as a restricted breed?

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    Surely if it hasn't been classified as a pure APBT she should only have to pay the fines assiciated with having the dog loose etc and get the temp test done and if it passes, it can go home.

    These laws are just so outrageous its not funny.

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    I don't think the council is obligated to do any of those things. I doubt they'd do any followup, the onus is entirely on the owner to make sure everything is right.

    But it ought to be up to the council to prove that the dog is a restricted breed. And I suggest that would require a DNA test, not just a Ranger's opinion - especially when that Ranger clearly hasn't got a clue (please keep notes so you can "prove" this). The dog and her owner really need a lawyer at this point.

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