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Thread: Pure/Cross Breeding

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    Ruby however has:

    beautiful tail set and perfect length of tail
    beautiful topline
    deep dark and round eyes
    stiffles a bit straight, but might get better as she matures and bulks out
    she is a bit overweight for my likings...she needs to lose at least 1 kg so I can see her ribs and rib cage better to get perfect definition
    She has a beautiful powerful ribcage
    straight in the front
    she is within standard as per measurements
    Her muzzles might be a tad long but that might correct itself when she bulks out (eg her head cracks)
    She has a perfect personality...gentle, kind, calm and not aggressive
    She has powerful movement WHEN she carries her head high

    So...until I can see that her traits are undesirable...she will not be desexed, but I also know how to make sure she doesn't get oops pregnant

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    Quote Originally Posted by mouseandchicken View Post
    Quincy, entirely different matter. If you look up Dogs NSW code of ethics you will see where they have made an allowance for the possibility of the same thing. Although it would be a long process.
    mouseandchicken what maybe in Dogs NSW codes of ethics would not surprise me as Dogs NSW and other State Canine Bodies utilise the ANKC which is the actual Register for registered pure bred dogs in Australia. In my previous post I mentioned "there is a special ANKC Development Register that can be utilised with justified cases that have been management approved", and even this Register can be available throughout Australia via the State Canine Bodies. Yes in some cases it may be a long process but then in some other cases maybe not so long.

    Note the UK Kennel Club mentioned this which may have provided the main reason for justification and for approval.
    "The use of a recently developed DNA test for this genetic mutation on Dalmatians in the USA has shown that the frequency of the normal gene is close to zero in the USA population of the breed. Similar DNA testing of the UK population has yet to be undertaken, but it is likely that a comparable scenario exists in the UK population of Dalmatians."

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    Sorry I meant that what you posted is entirely different to my opposition to the breeding of cross bred dogs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleasanta View Post
    Yep...that is correct. I decided my boy wasn't good enough to be bred from and/or used for show, so he has been neutered! He is just not good enough to be used for breeding, but make a perfect family pet. There are too many sub-standard bred SBT's out there...from "breeders" who do not give a damn about health, conformation, temperament etc. I was NOT going to be one of those breeders! My breeding "stock" will only be from good, healthy, sound temperament and excellent conformation dogs/bitches. Ruby is still showing that "something special" overall, so for now...she is still entire.
    Exactly. But goes for many many other breeds.
    Education not Legislation

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