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Thread: Such Fit Looking Dogs Here on This Forum

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    Thats what I thought DA!
    GSDs, we can see Spirits lovely figure through your sig everytime you post
    I love my skinny minnys. I don't think I could own a naturally bulky dog because im always looking for that slim figure.
    Lady's on about 16kg.
    Education not Legislation

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    Yea, I have yet to see an overweight dog on this forum!! They're all lovely, especially yours, GSDs. Though I might be a bit biased... German Shepherds ARE my fave breed But lovely ears on the pup, so cute cause they're not up yet!

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    Thanks for those lovely compliments.

    There's something about Sheppies that in my experience, they're always rake thin until they're about 2. Tara is so tall & over sized, I never thought she fill out her frame. Spirit's a little more compact, but because she's such a fart in a bottle from the minute she wakes up, she's been a wee bit too thin for my liking. Luckily, I have plenty of natural animal fat from the offal, so she gets a serve in her breakfast each morning. She's still very fine due to her activity levels, but at least the "looks" have stopped when I have her out & about.

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