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Thread: Hi Everyone!!

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    Default Hi Everyone!!

    I just joined this forum to let everone know about the Dog food secrets I just got to know from the friend. Does anyone know how true it is. I am so worry about my scooby but didn't know what to do...I bought the book and everything sounds so true...go to

    Is the dog food secrets a scam??.

    Please check it out and help with my decision. Is there anyone else who has read it..please reply..I am worried...

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    I didn't click on the link. ( not sure if this a just another scammer )

    In saying that, i have seen & read articles about commercial dog food in the past.

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    Hi Rob, It might be, I would like to look into it more myself.Some valid points inthat though but not enough to convince me.

    I belive cancer in dogs is increasing but I am not to sure it has to do with commercial dog food alone, I believe that a combination of factors lead to increased ill health over the last 1/2 century, such as overvaccinating and over medicating for worms etc.
    I really do believe it alters the organism over succeding generatons.

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    I hope it true guys...i ended up spending money on that book and its filled with so much unbelievable you guys think I should just stick with the regular off the shelf....i dont think I can afford the stuff in the book easily....

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    If you are interested in Raw feeding and or getting away from the commercial products,
    there are dedicated raw food and prey model websites around that can give tips on how to cut down costs involved, I think you would just have to google for them.
    I have seen a couple but I dont feed my dogs that way, I still use dry kibble food.
    So cant reccomend one.

    There are a few raw feeders here though that I am sure will give you tips.

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    awesome...i'l have a look through them...thanks a lot guys ...its a relief that no one else thinks it to be true...

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    I didn't read the entire article...hey come on, it's late! Lol.

    But I agree 100% that commercial food may be responsible for a lot of our dog's health problems. Absolutely. I think beau also has a point, and changes in how we rear them and environmental issues also come into it, but diet is the largest culprit IMHO.

    Hell, come to think of it IMO it's also the cause of our human health problems too!

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    I too don't click on links supplied by new people in their first posts. That way leads to dead computers all too often, spam if you're lucky.

    But if you want to know more about dog food.
    The Dog Food Project - How does your Dog Food Brand compare?

    It is a mostly USA based site, and a lot of the same brand name dog food here is made in Australia under licence to USA with slightly different food regulations. So where there might be a food scare in USA dog food, the same doesn't always apply to the locally made stuff. That website does give heaps of info about how to check the ingredient list - what to look for and what to avoid.

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    Thank you Hyacinth, i've just had a quick read of some articles on the link, it's an eye opener into the truth about commercial dog foods. I now know why i refuse to feed any of my dogs any commercial dog foods or treats. Natural,raw,fresh meats & vegies only for my dogs.

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    I have to admit AF that since Bella took her siezures, and I have done some research, I am well and truly on the same page as you! All I have to do now is get my head around how to "sell" natural to my adoptive parents
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