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Thread: Japanese Spitz Breeder - Kouzoku NSW

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    Wink Japanese Spitz Breeder - Kouzoku NSW


    Has any one ever bought any puppies from Kouzoku Japanese Spitz at Bringelly NSW previously? Is he a responsible breeder with good reputation?

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    Have you one a search on them? See if they have a web site and ask them alot of questions. Make sure that you do the research before buying any pups.

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    Thanks DogLuver for your advise. I did some research on this breeder afterwards as advised. Thank you!

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    Hi meowmeow,

    I have a Kouzoku girl, and so does one of my friends. I can’t recommend Kouzoku highly enough. Between myself and my friend, we have been to the property half a dozen times. The dogs are looked after extremely well and are part of the family. I went to have a look at my Tara when she was 3 or 4 weeks old. At that time, in the middle of winter, there were 3 girls with puppies, all living inside the house in the lounge room, with all their pups, with heaters on to keep them warm and comfortable. This tells a lot about how this breeder treats his dogs....

    Both mine and my friend’s dogs are healthy, and are just a beautiful breed. We can contact the breeder at any time if we have any questions, or need assistance. And he loves to receive pictures of our girls and hear from us regarding their progress.

    If you are thinking about getting a Japanese Spitz, I highly recommend Kouzoku.

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    Thanks for the advise. I will take that into consideration.

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    Default Kouzoku Japanese Spitz Breeder

    Hello meowmeow,

    I also bought a beautiful little girl from Kouzoku and I can say without reservation that this breeder is absolutely exceptional. I adopted my pup from interstate and from the instance I contacted Kouzoku, I received regular updates on the two girls that were in the current litter, including photographs. It was so obvious that the well-being of the pups was of utmost importance to the breeder and I was so impressed by his professionalism and integrity. He was always willing to discuss my queries via phone and gave me honest and thorough advice. Like Tara's Mum mentioned, he still appreciates receiving updates of my baby and another little girl I have since acquired for her companion. My Kouzoku girl is now over twelve months old, and is absolutely gorgeous in both temperament and looks! I couldn't be more pleased

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    Sounds positive.

    I can't stress enough to get the breeders prefex/registration details and contact details for the same. Then follow it up with a phone call.

    You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain


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    Thank you all! I ended up going with Mannerking which has a litter with some boys. The pup will be ready to go home with me by the end of Feb, which matches my timing better. What's also impressive is that Mannerking keep their retired dogs for life, which I know some irresponsible breeders may not do the same. Thanks very much for all your advise once again! Much appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by meowmeow View Post

    Has any one ever bought any puppies from Kouzoku Japanese Spitz at Bringelly NSW previously? Is he a responsible breeder with good reputation?
    I have placed a request for a puppy today from Kouzoku .
    We spoke to Tim who was very helpful and friendly. We have been very lucky to find out he has a litter due next week and will be ready for their new homes in May. I am really happy as I will be on holidays during May and hope that the time we have together will help our new family member to bond with us..

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    You couldn't ask for a better breeder and a more gorgeous puppy. We had a Samoyed when I grew up and she was a valued member of our family - she lived for 8 years longer than life expectancy - so you can imagine the TLC she got.

    Because of the size of our home (we are now living in Singapore) and now having a small daughter of our own - Samoyeds were out of the question.

    We accidently stumbled on the Japanese spitz whilst cuddling a stranger’s dog, thinking it was a baby Samoyed. To our delight we found a breed which we'd never heard of before and from the owner's account and our research discovered would be suitable for our family.

    After extensive research on the net about the breed and harrowing visits to look at buying a Japanese Spitz here in Singapore from various pet shops and "farms", we decided we would not give a cent to anyone who condoned such horrifically bad care and mongrelising of the breed. Singapore is ahead of the world in most ways - but sadly, not when it comes to animal welfare. So we searched for an Aussie Breeder.

    Just pure luck brought us to Kouzoku as this breeder isn't well know and doesn’t have a web site unfortunately - but that may be because Tim is busy caring for his dogs and the breed.

    Tim understood immediately and was up for working with us to find the right puppy for our family – we had numerous emails back and forth and a lot of patience and understanding from Tim.

    You can't imagine the TOTAL QUANTUM LEAP OF FAITH we had to have in Tim to organise getting our puppy from him and to our home in Singapore. It's easy in Australia; you can drive and see the puppy, the puppy’s parents, its sibling and the breeder if you want. You can drive home with your puppy after handing over the cash, and if anything goes wrong, you can take the matter up pretty easily. We had no such luxury. We couldn't see the conditions of the property, meet the breeder, look at the puppies and choose our own. We had to leave everything in Tim's hands. The choice of puppy, the paperwork for an international transfer of a dog, the extra vaccinations, EVERYTHING had to be done without our involvement because we couldn't physically be there to do it.

    AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT? It was the smoothest, the most painless and the happiest exercise for our puppy and our family. Tim did an excellent job (despite - we found out later, having some major health issues himself at the time) he still managed to get everything done not only well, but on time and WITHOUT ANY ISSUES AT ALL. We didn't have to come back to him for anything. I can't tell you how professional this was....You have to live overseas to realise how bad things can potentially go wrong in this sort of exercise.

    He not only managed to get Kyoto here without any issues, his paper work was all carried out in our choice of name, (very special to us as a name change could have caused importation and registration issues). Nothing was too difficult for him. Even down to the follow up we received after Kyoto came to us – books, links, and email correspondence– including me on an international mobile call to Tim in a pet shop, trying to find a suitable alternative brand of dog food Kyoto in Singapore.

    Well I hope you have gleaned from this very long missive that it was a great experience. We have a wonderful puppy whose siblings are already being shown and winning, Kyoto has a wonderful temperament and we’ve already referred other expat Aussies to buy from Kouzoku. We’re looking forward to our next one.

    Adding a member to your family requires a quantum leap of faith – Kouzuko and Tim can do it, and do it well.

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