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Thread: Do You Leave Your Puppy/doggy Home Alone While Your at Work???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie & Bella's mum View Post
    I wouldn't get a wooden one... my two love chewing on wooden things while they're teething!
    And some puppies (Batty) like chewing metal too.... I can't leave him unsupervised in his puppy pen at all because he chews it too much.

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    I'm pretty lucky in having my own business I can take dogs to work, however it can disrupt the work day... I always take Dooee every where with me that he can, and always to work... the others are kinda on a rotation some days they come, depending on my work load, if I know I have a really big day say 7 or more hours I will take all the dogs so I don't have to worry about them... but if it's a shorter day I have two runs side by side and they go in there, except when i have resuce's then it changes again... I can leave them inside without damage... what ever happens they are always either with me or locked up so that no one has access to them and they can't get out... this means they are never left alone in the back yard...

    I should add that spending so much time with Dooee has created it's own problems he is now totally dependant on me and screams when I leave him.... if left alone and not locked in he will 100% escape and try to find me... lucky I love the little bugger...
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    Lots of experience here from rehoming the rescues.

    First you need to take some time off work (even a week) when you bring your new pup home. After the first day, go out for half an hour, then 1 hour, then 2 hours and so forth. By leaving and returning the pup will realise that you always come back to them. Rotate the toys on a daily basis. Each time you give back a toy they will think it is another new on. Do not make a fuss of the pup either when leaving or returning. Ignor in both instances. If you do not do this you can create separation anxiety very quickly.

    If it starts to dig up the yard, fill in the whole with a mix of dirt and dog poo, then sprinkle with pepper.

    Buy a "kong" and fill with peanut butter.

    Finally, my friend who runs Beagle Rescue tells me that if you equate beagles to humans, they are the crack addicts of the dog world! Very busy, they need lots of stimulation etc. I hope you contact Tam (left you her email in another post) for a long chat. In rescue we present the dogs warts and all, so you will get a really good picture of your future with her. 8 hours per day x 5 days a weeks is a long time for a Beagle to be on its own. Doggy daycare would need to be taken into account if the beagle is the breed you go with as quite possibly they may not cope on their own. After saying that Tam works 8 hrs per day, 5 x days per week so it obviously can be done. Have a chat to her and you will come away with a much clearer picture. Good luck!
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