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Thread: Exercise?

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    I walk Troopa (almost 5 months old) for around 30 mins most days. We also have a few short play/training sessions each day.
    His fave game at the moment is him playing keepings off with a footy in his mouth and having me chase him around the yard. He also enjoys a game of fetch.

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    I take Scoobs for a 45 minute walk/run every morning except if the temps over 28 degrees at 6am, then its shortened to 30 mins walk.
    weekends we might go to the beach for some swimming and offlead fun.

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    i generally walk pepsi for about 30 minutes at night, she loves to stop and sniff and roll on the grass at the park we go to. she is generally a sedentary dog, if we dont go out she doesn't make a fuss. She does love her kong! and will spend hours chasing it around! we only give it to her once or twice a week or if we dont get time to take her out for a walk.

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    I take my dog for 45mins- 1 hour in the morning, and again at night. Then about once a week we do an approx 10k walk which takes about an hour and a half, and about twice a week I take him to the off leash dog park where he gets to run around with about 50 other dogs! As far as our daily walks are concerned, it's about half on lead, half off.
    Additionally, I try to do about 5 minutes training in the house each day, and I want to restart obedience classes once a week. Has anyone else picked up yet that i don't have kids?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boxerini View Post
    How much do you exercise your dog? How long are your walks, and do you stop to let them play mid-walk? how often? What else do you do to exercise body and mind? What games do you play with your dogs? what are their favourites? favourite toys? Sorry guys, I'm just info hungry!
    walks = about 1 to 1&1/2 hrs average. usualy ever 2'nd day it really depends on how muggy it is, and it's inthe evening. We don't really stop to play, she gets heaps of sniffs in.

    She swims in the dam a couple times a week retrieving a tennis ball or stick, or generally just belting around like a nutter.
    Games are tug-o-war, fetch, I have a lure stick she chases the lure, its just a bean pole with a cord and a rag tied on the end.

    Heaps of other stuff like bush walks etc and going to new places.

    Favourites are a tug rope, medicine ball, sticks. and the lure pole.

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