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Thread: First Time Doggy Owner...Help Me!!!

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    Thanks! Do I want to go to any of those shows? Will there be breeders to talk to there? I think the only one I can see near me (Ipswich) is the one next weekend in Beenleigh.
    If you go to the show, you will be looking for the Hound ring. Breeds are normally judged in alphabetical order so Beagles will be in the ring after Afghans, Basenjis and Basset Hounds.

    It's normally best to watch them all in the ring, and once beagles are all over and everyone has left the ring it's easier to approach some handlers or breeders and have a chat. Before they go in they'll be grooming etc and will be busy busy so after judging is always best.

    Normally with beagles at a show there is a few so you should get to see boys and girls - boys classes are judged first, and classes run in age order from youngest to oldest. So you should see some pups as well as older dogs.

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    Most shows start at 9am. Because there is often not many afghans and the numbers of basenji's and bassets can vary I would get there at 9.

    I have looked after Beagles at boarding and found they often fit into two categories.

    Very laid back, easy going food hounds. Easy to feed and gets along with other dogs, slightly indifferent.

    The other type is the one that can't wait to sneak past you as you try to get in the door and is heading, nose down to the exercise yards.

    We often had to go and get the beagles to bring them in, most other dogs can be called in from the exercise yards to be put away. Having said that, which is the smarter dog??

    Have a good look at the adults at the shows because this is the weight you want to keep your beagle. Beagle puppies are one of the cutest out there, so don't be sucked in make sure they are the right dog for you.

    I show in the hound ring so see lots of beagles. I also got to see one being trained to detect fruit while I was working in boarding. She was a clever little girl, but she was one of the ones that would dart past you in a second.

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    If you want a dog you don't need to train much - maybe a cavalier king charles spaniel -though the coat may need some work. I know people with small schnauzers who haven't seem to have trained them much - and they're happy to follow their owners around and go back on lead when you need.

    Beagles are great with kids and can be very energetic, and very focussed on some scent trail. But if you do put the time and effort into training and practicing your class lessons - they can be fantastic - even come when they're called.

    SBT are also adorable when well socialised. They can also be a bit like a bowling ball when it comes to skittling kids when they get excited. Again dedicated training is a must to have a dog that is fun to be around.

    Apart from that - it's a bit hard to tell what dog would suit but you could try the pet selectors.

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