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Thread: Bella and the Click.

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    Default Bella and the Click.

    just thought i would share my experience with bella and clickering

    So Bella is one of those dogs that practically live on their back legs. I have taught her an 'up', and I was trying to teach her a beg without me having to touch her...( holding the treat next to her face so she wouldnt move)
    So I decided to have a go with clicker training it. I put her into a beg, and held my hand at eye level just a small ways away from her face, and said 'hold it'. She already knows the hold it (dont move), and I clicked her, and within five mins of doing that i could hold my hand about 10 inches out from her face, say hold it and she would hold it until I gave her the treat. i was just wondering, have any of you had any results like that? Taking under ten minutes to teach a new trick?

    Also, What would be the best way for keeping her motivated? I can do one 10min session, and then she just... isnt interested, not for the rest of the day. I try giving her yummier treats, using a toy, but no. Should i limit it to 5 reps of a trick and then stop al together, or just do one session?

    lets hope the pics work...
    ( the first one is the up, 2. is the beg before the clicking, 3. is her jumping, which i clicked too.)
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    Yes that is normal because the clicker is a precision instrument.

    I wouldnt do more than a 10 minute session with a dog - try two 5 min sessions - keep her wanting to work.

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    You can optimise her training by doing shorter sessions. For example, instead of doing a 10 minute session a day, do 2 or 3 sessions lasting 5 minutes per day. Also, mix it up a bit, rather than focusing on teaching her just one trick, work on about 3 so you can mix it up a bit and keep them guessing!

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