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Thread: Training Humans?

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    I recommend you hire or buy Ceasar Milan's 'Dog Whisperer' and sit your mum in front of it! Also, I often parents don't like taking suggestions that come from their children. Try and get her involved in a dog club, like a local obedience school. It's a small time commitment, usually only an hour a week. There she will here your words, but coming from someone else, which might help. It's also a social thing so you might be able to sell her on it by saying that. Or you could say it's something you can both do together, so you can get her acquainted there before moving back to Sydney. I wouldn't recommend getting her a smaller dog instead as, like has already been said, a small dog requires just as much training and attention as a larger dog. Plus, she might feel even less inclined to get the dog out walking and socialising if it's small. Small dogs that aren't socialised often have a stronger tendency to act aggressively, so I certainly wouldn't recommend it. Good luck!

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    I see human trying to train humans using the complete opposite method they'd use on their dogs. Would you train a dog by yelling at it every time it does something wrong? Why are you doing that to your humans? Have you tried using the same methods as you'd use for the dog? I don't mean feeding food treats though that couldn't hurt (coffee and chocolate or cake) but compliments - really well thought out specific to that person compliments.

    I do see a problem as Mum doesn't really seem interested in having a dog - or by now - she's so scared she will do something wrong that she's backed right off. You need to lure her into participating and heap totally over the top enthusiastic praise for eacy tiny step in the right direction. Dog ownership is supposed to be fun not torture.

    Also I much prefer most of Victoria Stillwell's methods to Ceasar - especially when he works with problem dogs - is not really appropriate for amateurs to be doing at home.

    And you could print out the dog star daily training book...
    Digital Dog Training Textbook | Dog Star Daily

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