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Thread: Second Dog, is There a Best Breed?

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    I have two whippets, my Mum has beagles, a golden retriever and a standard dachie. They all get along, a few incidents but never anything major. I also have foster dogs through here, I have had beagles, greyhounds and at the moment have a blue heeler. again never any major issues. I think that it doesn't matter so much to the breed but more to the type of personality that your dog has and matching the same type of personality.

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    That sounds great about letting Jade grow up (and learn some basic obedience stuff like coming when called).

    The comment about reading a dog's mind - is because I think the best second dog is one your dog likes and you haven't told us what happens when your dog meets other dogs - so how can we help you?

    It's not like one particular dog breed has dogs which are a perfect second dog in all circumstances - life just doesn't work like that.

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    She is really happy to see other dog's. When we go to puppy school he licks and jumps on them all. Mum and dad have a heeler x and a white fluff ball, not sure what she is x with, but at they are older dogs they dont like you jumping and licking them all the time.

    If we have passed a dog in the street she pulls really hard and wants to lick them. She is super friendly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleasanta View Post
    IMO...if you are doubting yourself...then it is probably not a good time for a second dog
    i have to agree!!!

    we are thinking about a 2nd dog as well, but after "puppy sitting" for a friend, i am not sure we want another dog right now. Our current dog fits our lifestyle, the dog we were looking after was a whippet, she is a lovely dog and she enjoyed the run with my husband in the mornings but i am not sure we are ready for a 2nd dog full time. Maybe we will just borrow other peoples dogs when we want to run with a dog!

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