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Thread: Another Dog Attack -border Collie X

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peta23 View Post
    so true... we keep Boss away from livestock... he doesnt like them that much.. also he wear a muzzle when around sheep.

    He said the attack should be a lesson to everyone.

    "There is this whole perception in society that pitbulls, dobermans and rottweilers are the only bad dogs, and everyone I have spoken to and told it was a border collie cross has just been shocked," he said.

    "Every dog is potentially dangerous - it just depends on how they are brought up."

    im glad the person who wrote the article stated this..
    It was actually the boys father who said this. It's a small step in the right direction - but at least there's a step!

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    I find it really sad when people buy a breed that isn't suited to their lifestyle. I see so many working dogs cooped up all day in tiny yards in the city

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