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Thread: What Makes a Cool Community for Pooches?

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    Have areas where there is a rule of one doggy family at a time. An area to use for distraction training or if there's a dog in your family who doesn't like strange dogs.

    Have a council officer/ranger at the dog park to monitor what happens there during peak traffic times and on weekends.

    As others have said a BBQ area and plenty of benches.

    Have a pond/paddling pool for the dogs with a concrete bottom to it (stops dogs getting stuck in mud).

    Permanent agility equipment in a fenced off area. Again one family at a time (maybe have two enclosures) so the training isn't interrupted.

    Plenty of shade, taps for fresh water (maybe tank water or something so there isn't any pressure on the town water supply? Have the water collected from the roofs of the covers for the BBQ area or something? Not too sure on this.

    Poo bins with bags provided (just in case you forget yours) and more actively encourage people to clean up after themselves.

    Umm LOL I think I've put too much thought into this!

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    I have to work really hard to keep Frosty away from BBQs and picnics. The food smells are very tempting and there's always some idiot that wants to feed her their stuff - which may or may not include cooked bones especially chicken and skewers from kebab sticks. And after the bbq is gone, there's all the trash left underneath.

    So if there must be a bbq area, I'd like that fenced off too.

    We had a "doggy club" christmas bbq and I found it truly sucked because of all the doggy food temptations and people trying to feed my dog and the table raiding labradors. I won't be going next year.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I really appreciate the comments and feedback. I have written down all so that I have some ideas to put forward - thank you!

    I'm not much of a one for raising 'issues' through council but after seeing the need first hand, I felt it was ok and not too 'whiney' to put to them as a community concern. I'm not unrealistic, but hope that a discussion might be a way of starting change. Let's see.

    Thanks very much again for all you very valued input .. I will be sure to let you know how things progress.

    Kind regards, SH, Lola n' Zep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Harmony View Post
    Hi Cool Pooch Loving Folk ..

    I need some HELP!

    I recently wrote to my local council in regards to the woeful lack of facilities or provisions for pooches in my town (off-leash parks, off-leash beach areas etc etc). I wrote this ages ago, and I don't normally 'whinge' to council, it's just I felt it was a matter that 'could' be addressed.

    Some 2 months later and they want me to come in and talk to them about what to do?

    Ok, so I have a pretty good idea of what I can talk about, but felt that maybe you guys might have some extra tips about what to cover when it comes to how a really pooch loving community happens? Perhaps you have awesome facilities in your town, or maybe some other relevant ideas which might help me? Even something out of the square? I'm practical but perhaps I can instigate something here if i have some good ideas ...

    Would LOVE your help,
    kindly, SH, Lola n' Zep
    Ok well theres nothing where I live now, but melbourne had great things going for it in regards to being canine acceptable.

    Treed Dog friendly & leash free parks, not just open plains or sporting ovals.

    Drinking fountains, that have a built on bowl at the bottom so dogs drink from the excess water. It runs down the pipe into the bowl (little water wastage) Not just a tap stuck out in the middle of a field.

    Bins, and they provide enviro friendly poop bags.

    Seating and benches a must.

    I'd love trains to be like melbourne, but I wouldnt hold your breath, its the only place in Aus that lets dogs on public transport that I am aware of without having to be a service dog.

    One could only hope though.
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    My favourite dog walking areas have nice watered and mowed lawns, dog water bowls, dog poop bag dispensers and bins - often together, and usually well supplied and built so the bag rolls don't unravel everywhere in the wind or when little kiddies play with them. And nice big shady trees on the east and western sides, and plenty of safe areas to park and unload the dog.

    Something I'd like for the ovals we share with runners, is nice high shaded?/sheltered benches for them to put their drink bottles and jumpers. Frosty is quite used to using drink bottles as chews because they are often left as rubbish so I let her (oops) and lots of little boy dogs piss on them... I want a screw in the sand washable pole for my bag at the beach so beagles cannot pee on my bag.

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