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Thread: Which Commands Do You Use?

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    I just use their name to come to me with a whistle, sit, stay, no, down, a clicking mouth sound to come with me sometimes and widdle widdle to go outside to pee.

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    Sit: Sit
    Lay Down : Lay down
    Roll over : Roll onto back
    Shake: Lifts paw
    Beg: Places both paws on my thighs still while sitting
    Crawl: Crawls along the ground
    Up: Get up on anything I point at
    Down: Get off whatever your on
    Outside: Go outside
    Stay: Stay where you are
    Heel: Walk at my side
    Go on: You can leave my heeel

    And Lady's herding commands
    Steady: Slow down
    Stay: Don't move
    Stand: Basicly relax but stay where you are
    Go in: Move straight towards the herd
    Go back: She can see where the sheep are seperating so will usually know where I want her to go.
    Thats it: We're finished, come here.
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    Basic ones sit, stay, come

    Drop - to lay down
    Down - to get off the lounge
    Off - for when they are jumping on people

    Go To Bed is also used a lot
    And the doorbell - Kaos knows when the bell rings, she has to go and sit on my bed and wait for me to call her out
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