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Thread: Victorians! Want to Do a Survey on Dangerous Dogs?

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    I've done the survey and whilst I agreed with some points - aka punishing people who don't have registered dogs - I said that each dog should be put before a behaviourist at the cost of the owner

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    [QUOTE=Beau;51691]The first question is an absolute shocker, just imagen if that was passed through .
    If a stray dog is suspected by a council officer to be a danger to the public by virtue of its size, breed or disposition and it is also not registered – should councils have the power to immediately seize and destroy the dog?[/QUOTE]
    Vics ****ed, so glad I left.
    I am absolutely FLOORED by this survey!!!!! GET WITH THE PARTY EVERYONE!!!! Do you really want your staffy/GSD/Rottie/SHAR PEI/Amstaff pts by a council worker?????? Think of what the consequenses could be once they bring in these laws!!!! The next step would be to possibly declare any of the dominant breed dogs restricted breeds - we all know thay have tried to do this more than once before. And what about those little doggies out there..... Does your Maltese bare it's teeth if bailed up??? Then if so, it's :see you later" to that SWF if a council worker deems fit! ?!?! You have to be kidding me!!!

    PTS should NEVER be the option of ANYONE but a court of law!! For goodness sake, certainly NOT by the local dog catcher.

    And, as one who had the top of her finger hanging off when I tried to break up a dog fight.....had this been manditory reporting to the police or council, I simply would NOT have attended hospital and there is no doubt I would have LOST my finger as is was blue when I did arrive at the emergency department. But better to loose my finger than to loose BELLA!!! How many others would choose to not seek medical attention if they get in the way of their pet when trying to break up a fight because of the fear that their beloved pet would be pts???

    Please go back and fill in this survey with the next 5 years in mind. This could well be simply step 1. in the demise of the household pet!!!

    I for one have sent this survey onto approx 60 Victorians and asked that this be taken VERY seriously!!!!

    Edit to add: Obviously feeling rather passionate about this!!!!
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    filled in survey even though I am not in Vic

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