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    Unhappy Guilt

    I am adopting a 4 year old tomorrow.

    Its been nearly 3 years since I had to put my 15yo baby mini foxi to sleep through sickness. As you all know/could imagine, this is heartbreaking. I vowed to not have another dog as noone could ever match her, and I worried I could never love another dog ever as much as I did her.

    Over the last 6 months, I have come to know that I desperately need some company once i am living alone. I love dogs and have almost always had one in my life.

    I know I am doing the right thing getting another dog, I am saving it from the pound, and giving it a happier life than the owner can give now (by their own admission).

    How do I stop the guilt though? How do I stop feeling like I am replacing my last dame? How do I stop feeling like I am betraying her memory?

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    Hi Vintage Princess

    I'm pretty sure that this new dog will be nothing like your old one. So it won't be a replacement.

    How do you handle the guilt of depriving some deserving dog of a perfectly good home because you're still thinking about the previous dog?

    Make sure you pick a dog that likes you and is friendly.

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    Don't feel guilty, you deserve happiness in life as does this new pup, you can't replace anything or anyone as nothing and no one is the same. If you do decide to adopt I would love to see pics!

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    Dont be hard on yourself.

    You're doing a wonderful thing by giving this dog a second shot and TBH I think its a lovely tribute to the wonderful home you gave your previous dog.

    Take care!

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    No it's not replacing the one who's gone, it's finding room in your heart to love another. And there's always room in our hearts to love another. You will always have that place in your heart for the ones gone before.

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    I'm sure your former pup loved it best when you were feeling happy right?

    So she would love you to have another dog around if it makes you happy.

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    I'm sure your feelings will change as soon as you get a new pup! You just have a lot of time to mill over it at the moment, but you're doing the right thing by giving a pound pup a new home and should feel good about that!

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