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Thread: Recommendations in Melbourne Area Please!!

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    Hey guys - just wanted to give a quick update.

    We had our first lesson today. it was a private lesson where the teacher gets to know Charlie and Bella before they join class.

    It was good and I absolutely agree with more of their methods than the puppy school we went to. Only thing though - and this happens everywhere we go - is Charlie gets all the attention because he's so friendly and charming and smart. Whereas it's Bella that is easily distracted, won't listen, barks at other dogs and needs extra help. I ended up so frustrated today because Bells just wouldn't listen.

    Plus side of today was just down the road from school is Clayton Reserve, an off-lead park. There were no other dogs there so we thought we'd have a little run round. Soon we were joined my a French Bulldog. Then 2 Beagles. Then next thing you know, dogs everywhere.

    I had to remove Bella - walk her away in the other direction from the dogs - a few times but eventually I was able to let the lead drop and she was even allowed to have it off for a few mins. She's different off lead - not as chatty. She even went up to another little dog all by herself to play!

    I think we'll go back again tomorrow for another play

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    Don't really know ,when i was there it was inner city.
    MCG park, Dights falls, Albert park lakes, jogged the tan freaking out the office yuppies.
    The one near the hospital, cant remember the name, faulkner park I think.

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    Aren't we spoilt for choice in Melbourne?!!!

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    I'll say !!! Huge off lead park less than one minute's drive from my place. Stuff my "carbon foot print" you Greenies if you think I'm going to try & walk there with 2 Sheppies & Mish who is half a Sheppie, all mad keen to run like crazy.

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