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Thread: Best Dog Themed Movies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSDs4Ever View Post
    Poor little Spirit kept looking at the TV, then me, then back at the TV while I was crying. She eventually got up really close to me & kept licking the tears off my cheek. Bless her. Tara sat very close to the TV & kept tilting her head from side to side. From time to time, she'd go around to the back of the TV to see if the "doggie" was there. Tara makes me laugh a lot.
    That is sooooooo gorgeous.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baggy Trousers View Post
    You have all the Dog Themed movies, and no one has mentioned any of the Lassie movies...but what about those movies where the dog is pivotal in the movie!!!!

    You have:
    Men In Black (for all the Pug lovers, hey Puggerup)
    You've got mail (love Brinkly)
    There's Something about Mary
    As Good As It Gets
    I mentioned Lassie as the first one.

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    Me either. Unless there's a pic of her in that thread when Chops was collecting pics for one of her vids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiemyf7 View Post
    That is sooooooo gorgeous.
    That's why I love my dogs sooooo much. *sigh*

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