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Thread: Does BSL Have a Role in Our Society?

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    I think she's saying dogs that are not allowed to be taken to training or socialisation classes perpetuate the role of problem dogs in society.

    Many training centres no longer accept the breeds ,since BSL introduction as liability insurance is sky high.
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    Interesting reading Beau, thanks for that. I have to say it was rather depressing though, Money, once again, seems to be a defining factor in alot of the proposals.

    As one submitter said: “We need a change in social behaviour and attitude, not more rules, thanks!” For these reasons, this option is not recommended for further consideration.
    In an ideal world yes, but how? Unfortunately the human race seems to be largely populated by assholes

    28. In 2003, owner licensing with an education/training prerequisite was considered by the Ad Hoc Ministerial Group on Dog Control. It was not recommended as an amendment to the Act because:
    making it more difficult to own a dog legally may well result in a greater proportion of dogs owned illegally;
    I hate this argument, it just so defeatist.

    I do still think a simple change of having to get a license (not necessarily owner license just normal dog license) before you acquire a dog (whether given or bought) would be a relatively simple step which wouldn't cost too much to implement and would perhaps stop at least some impulse buys. Make it illegal for anyone to sell or give away a dog to someone without a license. I know it's a bit like putting a Band Aid on a Gaping wound but it would be a start.

    Unfortunately I think dogs and associated problems are just not high up on the government's priority, so I can't see anything changing in the near future. Sorry, I know that sounds defeatist but the whole thing is just so depressing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post

    I don't think you read my post properly.

    You keep the dogs that are prone to attacking other dogs or people at home. The others - no matter what the breed - should be allowed out on the same basis as any dog.

    I can't see how you could argue that it's ok to let a dog or people aggressive dog out in public without a muzzle at least. You didn't read my post.

    And yes I've seen plenty of crazy dogs who don't get out enough to learn to behave properly when they're small and can't do much damage and they disgrace themselves so much - it's months before the owner is game to bring them out again - which only makes the problem worse.
    So, if someone was to own a reactive dog, do you think it should be muzzled regardless of the owner's handling capability? Should the owner of a reactive dog not be entitled to walk their dog on leash in an onleash area without a muzzle if they feel 100% capable of controlling their own dog?

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    My dog has been bitten by several of your "on lead" and unmuzzled dogs. She's been upside down in a complete grovel position when it happened too. The owner in "complete control" allowed their dog to approach and it bit my dog.

    Also my dog likes to greet every dog. I can keep her away from dogs that are on lead, until I've checked with the owner if it's ok to let her approach. That's been all good. The person who should have had her dog muzzled - had it OFF LEAD - and UNMUZZLED and described it as UNPREDICTABLE. That's the dog (and the owner) I'd like to stay home because between it and another predictably aggressive dog with a really stupid and unpredictable owner, I could not give my dog any off lead time in that place. If Ms I-own-an-unpredictable dog - had kept it on lead or muzzled or both - I could have let my dog have a run.

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