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Thread: Is Your Dog Breedist?

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    Yep. Definitely.

    They will associate and play with other sighthounds but it is a markedly different form of play to the play they get into with Borzoi. Greyhounds play close but still different.

    And they can't stand little dogs.... I think it is a height thing. From way up there where my dogs are looking down from, they can't see the legs on little dogs - and Dachshunds are the worst! I'm sure they think there is some sort of conspiracy going on...

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    Kimba is more sexist.. She prefers female dogs to males as they seem to try and stand over her and she hates that.. desexed boys are fine though...

    I haven't noticed any breed trends, I do notice she alters her play based on the other dogs size etc..

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    I dont think chloe is breedist... She doesn't particuarly LIKE any dogs more then others..

    it's more the other way round.. She's been chased off by 3 toy poodles to date, all different dogs in completely different scenario's..

    i don;t know why they don't like her, perhaps its her size? But she's now terrified of them..

    Some big strong dog she is *eyeroll* and that's why she's my girl

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    My old dog was to a degree, but it had to do with many bad encounters with them as a pup i reckon.

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