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    Hi guys,

    I had an idea to make a video of dogs doing awesome active stuff for Dog Fitness | Dog Exercise 1 Fit Mutt, and I figured it could also be a fun idea for the forum. I know we haven't had a new video in a while, so while I'm definitely not trying to steal Choppa's idea, we could kill two birds with one stone until she gets back

    So, if anyone wants to participate and doesn't mind this video being posted on 1 Fit Mutt as well as here, please post your photos (and even videos) of your dogs doing active things - running, jumping, swimming, agility, flyball, catching, barking, cycling, chasing, playing, tugging, spinning, any sort of physical activity. Both photos and videos are ok, I can edit the video clips into the main video. Here are a couple shots of Keeda as an example:

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    Those are awesome, thanks!

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