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Thread: Our Dog Hates Us? :(

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    when you or your husband are stressed (about work, life, anything)? And when you know there's going to be fireworks etc, do you get all stressed out in anticipation that your dog is going to freak out? She might be picking up on the way you are feeling and then "acting it out" so to speak
    Yes that is correct. In regards to the fireworks we knew there would be some during the night so waited until the first one went off then locked her inside. We didn't panic, just picked her up, put her inside, put on music and shut the door. I checked on her every hour or so and she was panting but didn't comfort her. So I don't believe she picked up on us in this case.

    It sounds as though she leads a miserable life to be honest, not that is your fault but I think you need to learn more about her behaviour and how to deal with it.
    I definitely don't believe she leads a miserable life. There are many many times she is happy and enjoys things, but when she is spooked such as from the fireworks all the weight is on her shoulders and she things of others problems. She will be in a week or two and can be really happy for a month or so...

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    we know the correct thing to do it ignore it when she is stresses
    when she is scared of it we say "bahhh" at her
    Do I tell her off every time a banger goes off
    Smidge - you know what to do but you're not doing it.

    I agree with the others who said the behaviourist you got wasn't good for you or your dog, it would be ok to try a different one.

    this links to an article about how to choose a trainer
    K9 Force Professional Dog Training & Behaviour Consultancy

    The "bahh" thing is a distraction thing ie distract your dog from what it's attention is on. But you are giving it attention when you say that. I only use it when I'm trying to stop the dog from digging or destroying something. I sometimes use a water pistol squirt as a distraction if she's barking when I think she shouldn't. I don't actually need to hit her with the squirt. And I do the lip licking, looking away thing immediately she's stopped and looked at me, rather than give her "good dog" attention. Though sometimes I do that too. It depends on how excited she is about what she's barking at.

    The fireworks thing - there's no point turning up the stereo to "block out" the sound. Fireworks bangs and thunder travel on low frequencies. She's going to feel it even if she can't hear it. And there's no point doing the bah thing either. I relax with my dog and watch a recorded tv program like Inspector Rex if it's fireworks. If it's thunder - everything is unplugged so I usually go to bed or I play games like tug or fetch or sit/ stay/ wait /come. She's less bothered by thunder than I am. Ideally you know what time the fireworks starts (for us 9:30pm and midnight) and you do your fireworks calm routine BEFORE they start not after.

    Oh and I don't think your dog hates you, I think she's doing what you trained her to.
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