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    As some know, recently lost one of my boys, so have considered looking at rehoming again for an older Husky,so posted on a site and am absolutely frustrated with responses from others.
    I genuinely want to rehome an older dog, my boy needs a play mate, but I am being offered pups for $750, ask if they are a registered breeder, get no response, obviously not! Constantly being offered pups..........BYB I am not interested in.
    So, this week had 2 people make contact, one from QLD with a girl, whom they have had since a pup,but since started a family, so know their focus is no longer on their dog, she has escaped numerous times and has attacked chickens.
    The other contact has been through a seperation of a marriage,where the dogs are his. What is being offered is an entire 2 yr old male, there are females on the property also. Nothing more said!
    What more can I say, FRUSTRATED! And sorry for the long pst.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss bonnie, I wasn't aware

    And yes, I feel your frustration!

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    How frustrating!! Maybe you should advertise the dog as desexed and then when they call either say that the dog is entire or give them the option to have it desexed??? Maybe then you can cut out those people who don't have honest intentions.

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    Sorry for the loss of your boy.

    I assume you have contacted your states Husky Club.

    Perhaps you can also contact a few of the breeders, often they will have an oldie that they may place out so that they can get individual attention in their last years. A bitch past their breeding age who they will place out after de-sexing.

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    Dogz online has a registered breeder listing and they have 6 mature huskies at the moment
    Siberian Husky Dogs for Sale from Registered Breeders at Dogz Online

    and there are also some in rescue
    Dogz Online - The Pure Breed Dog Community of Australia

    all the best with your search. We found our beautiful 4yr old pug from DOL and couldn't be happier

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