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Thread: Your Right to Choose Vs Breed Standard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tkay View Post
    Ok, I’m pretty sure we’ve covered this before and I don’t want to start another argument but I will give my opinion again, I think my actual point got lost in all the arguments last time. Bear in mind it is just that, my opinion.

    I do not have anything against the idea of crossbreeding I do, however, have a problem with how it is done. The majority of the time it is done with money in mind as people have already suggested, and too often the ‘designer dogs’ are coming from puppy farms. Not all, but too many.
    My thoughts strngly follow yours however, I wouldn't say that the 'money in mind' idea is a bad thing neccessarily or that the majority of cross bred dog breeders have money as their first priority.

    I’m not entirely sure when a crossbreed becomes a ‘designer crossbreed’ maybe someone could help me with that. Staffie x, kelpie x, acd x seem to be a dime a dozen, at the pound, are these considered ‘designer dogs?’ Or are these more likely to be BYBred. I guess it is up to people’s interpretation of the word and not that important.

    For any newbies out there who don’t know I have a ‘designer dog.’ She is a Golden Retriever x Samoyed. (sorry I know most of you know this) and I strongly suspect she came from a puppy farm. The idea of this makes me physically sick. I did not know about puppy farms at the time and would not, under any circumstances, buy another dog off the internet. She is, however, a delightful dog. Well natured, beautiful, not all that bright but a really good family pet. In the other discussion I noticed a lot of people (even those vehemently against the idea of crossbreeding) said some of the best dogs they have ever had were crossbreeds (rescues obviously). At the time, I found this rather ironic.
    Which backs up the argument that cross bred dogs are not all a walking time bomb of health issues. To say that all cross bred dogs have health issues is illogical in my view.

    As I said before, if it was done responsibly, ie health/temperament testing, only crossing similar sized dogs, responsible homes found for all of the puppies, basically what good registered breeders do now, just crossing the breeds, then I do not think there is a problem. I do not know much about health testing so please correct me if I’m wrong but you have to health test both Dam and Sire so I do not understand why it would be more expensive if they were different breeds.

    So in answer to you original question Disney, Yes we should be able to chose but we should also be able to chose a crossbreed that has been bred responsibly. At the moment that is, mostly, not the case
    Totally agree.
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    I've never had a pure breed dog, growing up on the farm we had working dogs of border collie, cattle dog or kelpie descent. There was no difference between their performance etc and the pure breeds that the boss had. As an adult I've always adopted / rescued my pets. No it's not about cost for me some of our fur kids cost a fortune over the years in vet bills. It's just the way it always worked out that when I had the chance to have a new pet, the right one always seemed to turn up.

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